Video production and its type

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Video production and its type

To create video with moving images and then edit them which include combining and reducing of the parts of that video and then record it on electronics such as video tapes and hard disks is called video production. It is just like film making but the image gets to record on electronic media not on a film stock. It can be distributed electronically without being recorded.

In fact video recording is an art to create a video with content and emerging the final look of video. This production is being used for many networks such as TV shows, commercials, event videos, corporate videos and wedding videos. Some people like to record their picnics and home to keep as memory. It can be recoded through a camcorder which is a solo camera handled by one person, or a videographer with a sound person or with a multi-camera shot with whole crew for TV shows. There are different styles of shooting. Hand-held shot for nervy camera angles or loss shots, whip pan and whip zoom, or on a tripod for locked shots r a steady cam for smooth shots.

There are many types of video production including corporate video production, television broadcasting, event videos, and internet videos. There is also video production for distance learning education.

Corporate video have many purposes including training and education, videotaping conferences and conventions, corporate communication, production and sell services.  Some people use conventions and conferences even events to interview famous people, to make it look like an interview taking in a special setting they change the background with relevant screens.

From early 1980s up to the start of 21st century the normal way of television broadcast was betacam SP video production after that many TV stations started using digital cameras to shoot, transmit and store HD videos. There are two styles one is ENG (electronic news-gathering) and then there is EFP (electronic field production). New magazines, sitcom, reality shows, commercials, entertainment shows infomercials and newscasts are all parts of television production. They are being distributed by broadcast syndication.

There are many places where this production can be used such as schools, weddings, sports, stages and relevant events to be recorded. There are lots of things that can be covered with an event video. In wedding there is lot of different of things and people to cover such as bride groom and their families and different function related to wedding same as in a sports event the full match can be recorded also it can used to point out small things. This video can be played live for the viewers such as in conferences and concerts. This can be reached to people through satellite.

For educational purposes a video can be make through recording editing and present educational material, and it has been used in online trainings and courses. Teachers organize contents, make scripts and capture all that in a video footage and post the final video on internet for students.

Video are now being used in website too. They can be about anything, about products of some brands, or funny videos. There are many other tools to create a website video, physical camera is not a necessary thing for this type of production.

Many websites include videos. These videos are not necessarily produced online, although there are many video production tools that allow the production of videos without actually using a physical camera.