Power drill and it’s types

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There are different kinds of drills for different jobs. A professional contractor will know which one to use for which work, but a common person will just know the use of drill not about its kinds and types and their purposes. When you will want to buy a drill you will have to choose from different options and if you don’t have idea which is appropriate for the work you want to do, there is a lot of chance of purchasing a wrong one and money will be wasted. There are many numbers of drills one can choose from. Basic drills, hammer drills, rotary drills, impact driver or wrenches, spade handle drill, right angle drill, and VSR drills. All these types are for different projects and have different characteristics.

In the beginning when the power drills were made, choices of drill types were limited, they all were coded and had keyed chucks. They used to rotate only in single direction so people have idea what it is they want. The only choice they have had to make was about the brand. But now there are lot of variations and innovations in drills.

Hand held power drills are the most basic type and the oldest version. It is simply an electric drill with only one speed limit and it rotates in one direction only. They will not work with screw applications because of their high speed they will broke the head of screw.

VSR drills are available in both corded and cordless versions. VSR stands for variable speed reversible. The speed of it changes according to the pressure one applies on the trigger.  RMV will be as much higher as the get pulled further. They can perform all the functions of basic drill and also it has ability to drive screw and small lag bolts, you can drill in thick material without heating it too much. It is important that you have experience in using this type because it will take some time for you to get used to it.

VSR drill/ drivers are just like VSR drills but they can work with both lower of higher RMP. It has an adjustable clutch. It is being used very commonly and available in every market. These clutches will prevent the screw from driving too deep or breaking it. It also prevents torque reaction which happens when a jam comes while drilling and the machine tries to turn into opposite direction.

A hammer drill is to work with concrete, stone and masonry. They use hammer and pounding action with the rotation. The pounding bit is to help them to bite into the stone or concrete. A non-hammer drill will take more energy and time to penetrate. The bit can also be jammed when using simple drill in stone.

Rotary drill is the large version of hammer drill. It can be used as small jack hammer. They cannot be used into wood and other material. They are being designed especially so they not chip the concrete or the stone. There are two types SDS and spline drive; it depends on the nature of your project which is to be used.

There are many other types but these few are the most commonly used one’s and can be bought very easily in the market.