Obesity and its reason

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Obesity is a medical state of a person’s body in which fats build up to the level that it affects very dangerous to health. To measure the required body weight, it gets calculated with the height so that the specific number of weight can be found. Many countries have many different values to consider a person over weight. It is the mother of many diseases. Person who has excessive weight can have obstructive sleep apnea, certain type of cancer, heart disease and diabetes and osteoarthritis. Over weight can be end of life for a person.  

It happens due to extreme intake of food, less physical activities and genetic susceptibility. There are some cases of this problem in which it had happen because of medications endocrine disorders genes or mental illness. There is a claim that fat people eat less than normal people but still gain more fats because of slow metabolism but this opinion is not accepted by every person, many people deny it. People with this issue use more energy because they need more energy to handle their excessive body mass.

This issue can be resolved through bring some changes in lifestyle and personal choices. The best treatment for it is to change the diet which one is taking regularly and add exercise in daily routine.  High quality diet means to take food which has less fat and sugar. One can include dairy food which will provide more fibers than fats.

There are also medications with suitable diet that can be taken to resolve it by reducing desire for food and to lessen the ability of body of sucking fats. There are surgeries or gastric balloon to solve it if any other thing does not work. Surgeries are rather new way to solve weight issue but it is helping people from some years now.

The rate of people having this problem is increasing day by day in all over the world. A research claimed that in 2014, 42 million children under the age of five and 600 million adults were obese. It is the biggest health issue of this century. In past it was the sign of wealth and power in many states, but medical science have declared it to be a disease.

There are many health issues that can cause obesity while getting treated. Many physical and mental illnesses and their medicines can boost its risk. There are many genetic conditions too and also some inborn problems which can be reason of obesity in kids. Growth of hormones can also cause it. People have a bad habit of eating late at night which is the biggest reason of heavy weight. sulfonylureas antidepressants, certain anticonvulsants (phenytoin and valproate), pizotifen, insulin and , thiazolidinediones can also cause this problem.