Importance of digital marketing in human’s life

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Importance of digital marketing in human’s life

Digital marketing has changed so much in recent years. It is getting tough to tougher for marketers and producers to cope up with so many new things in this profession. Global digital marketing has published a report about the changing ways of marketing in 2015 which states that the idea of marketing which was so powerful in the past now seems insignificance and new ideas have taken the place instead of old one. This change was rather fast and unexpected and many marketers who are used to old ways are getting hard time while keeping up with new things. This report has showed the data of four countries of the quality and quantity of products and claimed that new technology has established a new relationship between brands and consumers. This report has exposed the expectations of global trade and the effect of digital marketing on it and also the trends that are being set in this business.

Razorfish the reporter found out the terms of digital marketing which have been used in 2015 in his report.

Mobile has controlled the methods of shopping which was being exercise from centuries. In past people used to go to shopping plazas and markets in search of products but now smart phones works as the key for them. Now people can purchase things using mobile apps and even pay through their online accounts. One can look through website of any brand, choose item by looking at the images and photos and buy them online. There is no difference between online shopping and offline shopping in fact online purchasing is more convenient and time saving than offline. Technology has played a major role in promoting digital marketing.

Digital marketing is targeting people according to their needs and requirements. When we talk about facebook, if it is marketing a brand with male products, it will make sure that more male users will see the ad, it is no specified that only men will see it but its main target will definitely be men. It is important for brands to use more digital things to market their products because people are now getting used to these things. There are thousands of people who like online searching and shopping of brands because they do not want to go to malls or may be because they don’t have time to waste in hours of shopping. It any brand they want is not available through internet they will surely move to another one which is present.

People do not see TV ads and commercial any longer, and if they do watch them, they do not give them any attention. Even some people thought that TV ads only show products which are not good and of quality. TV ads and commercials have lost their value in this era. People wants to contact the manufacturers face to face so that they can trust them, they do not trust any person to whom they cannot get the answers of their queries directly. In many countries people are dependent on technology for every part of their lives, and digital marketing is one thing they depends on the most.